Rev. Chris Mohr at a Baptism

Rev. Chris Mohr at a Baptism at the family’s condo clubhouse. Baptisms can be performed anywhere, are joyously informal, and are a heartwarming celebration for family and close friends! I have performed baptisms for people of all ages, during wedding ceremonies, by rivers, at homes, in chapels, occasionally even in large hot tubs. I have performed as many as seven Baptisms for a large family all at once.

Watch a simple, beautiful Baptism ceremony video here! 

Nondenominational Christian baptisms and christenings…

For babies, children, teenagers and adults…

For people of all faiths…

Friendly, Heartfelt, Informal…

Everyone in the Family can get Baptized…

Will Make Grandparents Very Happy!

My parents are very religious, and really wanted to see our baby daughter baptized. We aren’t churchgoers so this was becoming a problem. You came to our house, and warmly greeted them and us. I could feel the family tension just dissolve. You said such beautiful things about love and children, we could all agree with everything you said. Everyone was so happy, and even our baby girl had a great time playing with your glasses during the ceremony!

Jan and Bill

What is Baptism?

Rev. Chris Mohr performs dozens of nondenominational Christian baptisms and christenings every year. We offer baby baptism, adult baptism, and christenings for people of all faiths. They are much less stressful and easier to organize than a wedding! Many happy couples return to our chapel to have an infant baptism, children or even themselves baptized, and it’s a wonderful chance to catch up with us and bring family, godparents and close friends together. Our baptismal ceremony is nondenominational, and ends with a brief baptism prayer as the minister’s forefinger draws the sign of the cross in water on the child’s forehead.

We have a chalice or you can bring a family heirloom to contain the water (great grandma’s favorite goblet, an antique saucer, whatever). Close friends and family all gather in the front, stirring happy memories of your wedding day. We offer an informal baptism service that is a joy for you and the family. Children usually look very intent and curious, sometimes they cry, or try to take my glasses off my face, or fall asleep in mamma’s arms. It’s all part of the beauty of the day.

If you have godparents, they will stand up with the parent or parents. Grandparents are always beaming throughout the ceremony, usually insisting on well-deserved front row seats. Lots of pictures, then our Certificate of Baptism is signed by parents and godparents.

Sometimes baptisms are incorporated into wedding ceremonies, and we also do many adult baptisms. We don’t have facilities for a full-immersion baptism; our ceremonies are informal, simple, friendly, and deeply sacred. Some young parents feel family pressure to have their children baptized, and they often find that having the christening ceremony with us is the easiest, simplest, most fun way to take care of this. Bring your own baptism cake, food and drinks or let our budget caterer and baker take care of it all for you. Our ministers also perform baptisms at people’s homes, chapels, or anywhere you want us to come.

Please fill out the Contact Form here with questions or to set up a baptism. Please leave your phone number and other  information (date and location of baptism, how many people to be baptized, etc). Thank you! Rev Chris Mohr


Total Immersion Baptism?

Most of my baptisms don’t imvolve immersions. Generally, I simply bring a small chalice, and use a few drops of water to do the sign of the cross on the forehead. However, on occasion, I have had baptisms in my own outdoor hot tub or someone else’s hot tub. Please phone 303-986-2022 so we can talk about this or any other special requests you may have for your baptism.