Catholic Baptism Ceremony Colorado

IMG_0493If one or both of you comes from a former Catholic family and you want a simple Catholic baptism ceremony anywhere in Colorado, Rev. Chris Mohr may be able to help! I offer nondenominational Christian baptism ceremonies for ex Catholics and former Catholics. I was born and raised Catholic, and now perform services for people of all faiths. But I also raised enough money for the Jesuits in El Salvador to build two houses after an earthquake in the 1980s in El Salvador, and I raised thousands of dollars for the Catholic Worker Soup Kitchen. I touched John Paul II’s hand at a general audience at the Vatican, and visited the Virgin Mary’s home in Ephesus, Turkey (where she lived after Jesus’s death). Most of the people coming to pay their respects there were Muslims, who revere Mary deeply! There I took some holy water in a container provided by those who tended her home. When I ran out, I got more holy water from the Mother Cabrini Shrine, which I am happy to bring to your child’s baptism by request.

Free Baptism Ceremony and Free Video!

I would like families to have an idea of what a Catholic-style baptism looks like, so I will perform it FREE if you allow me to video it and post it on YouTube.

Your baptism will still be nondenominational Christian, very friendly and relaxed. But even though the baptism will not take place in a Catholic Church, the grandparents will be beaming, I promise you!

Here is a family who had me bring the holy water for a most unusual baptism! “I recently had a wonderful experience that made lasting memories for everyone. I found Chris Mohr online and asked him to baptize my newly adopted daughter. He agreed to do that and also drive to Larkspur Colorado on a Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. I was trying to find a place that she likes and that my family would be able to come to. We have stayed at Jellystone Park in Larkspur several times so it is currently her favorite place to go. Rev. Mohr drove up, got on the hay wagon for a short hayride up the hill to a place called Tipi Village where they had a campfire waiting for us. The ceremony was very meaningful, everyone mentioned how special it was afterwards. He showed up dressed very nicely in a suit, I felt bad that I forgot to tell him there would be a hayride involved but he seemed not to mind at all. It was a very special day that we will all have lasting memories of thanks to Rev. Mohr.”

Phone 303-986-2022 to  reserve your time for a baptism at your  home, my home or anywhere!